Evita - Audition Information

Runway Theatre Company is proud to present Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's musical masterpiece - EVITA. The show features the smash hits: 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' and 'Another Suitcase In Another Hall'.  EVITA brings to life the dynamic, larger-than-life persona of Eva Peron.  Beginning with a young and ambitious Eva, the production follows her meteoric rise to virtual sainthood.  The Broadway production won seven Tony Awards including Best Book, Best Score and Best Musical of the Year.

The show will be on nightly at Eastwood Park Theatre from 19th - 23rd May 2015 with an additional matinee performance on Saturday 23rd May. 

Rehearsals will be held on Sundays from 2pm - 6pm (Ensemble & Principals) & Thursday Evenings from 7- 10pm (Principals and dancers)All rehearsals will take place in Clincarthill Church Halls, Mount Florida. 

Everyone has to audition to get into the show - even if you’ve been in previous shows with Runway.  Evita has very challenging music and movement. Everyone needs to be a competent strong singer and move well. Audition will be designed to select the best singers.  Limited time to rehearse, 12 weeks to rehearse with 1 Sunday off for Easter. All cast members will be expected to go over work at home. Don’t despair - we’ll have great input from our musical director David Dunlop and Choreographer Greg Robertson. Rehearsal music will be uploaded and dances will be filmed and posted in our private Facebook group. 

Please consider if this is the show for you as it is very demanding. Please don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get a part - we want the very best for the show.  There are many other jobs you can do to help out with. 

Auditions to get into the show will be held on Sunday 8th February at 2pm in Clincarthill Church Hall. Successful auditionees will then be offered the chance to audition for a principal part. We appreciate that some people may come for a specific role and if they don’t get it they don’t want to do the show. We will ask if this is the case, however please be aware this will not prejudice the audition process. Please be honest as places in the ensemble will be limited. This is important for our musical director to compile the chorus and balance the vocal parts. 

Ahead of the audition - you must complete an online audition form - https://runwaytheatrecompany.typeform.com/to/r2JXad

Our audition panel is made up of Robert Fyfe - Chairman and Director, David Dunlop - Musical Director, Greg Robertson - Choreographer, Gordon and Sandra Fraser - Honorary Members and Jenny Wilkie, a friend of the club, who played the part of Evita in 2002 with The Orpheus Club, and finally Edward Gunn, Stage Manager.

Iain G. Condie and Anne Fraser will act as your rehearsal assistants to guide you through the process.

The club audition will compile of 2 elements. You will be taught part of "Oh what a circus" and then you'll perform this in groups of 4-6 people and then individually. 

There will then be 2 dance auditions;
1. Ensemble Dance Audition - Everyone is expected to take part in this
2. Dancer Audition - If you are interested in being a principal dancer or Eva then you must also have this second dance audition. 

Following the conclusion of the auditions, the names of the successful auditionees will be published on the website and on our social media platforms. Successful auditionees will then be invited to attend Principal Auditions which are to be held on Thursday 12th February - times will be allocated once we know the likely numbers. We’re looking for people to convince us they’re the right person for the parts. 

Eva Perón
Determined and enterprising woman who cunningly advances from her small town existence to the heights of political and social power. She becomes beloved by the people, who affectionately call her “Evita.”

This is an Iconic Role - We're looking for an excellent singer and actress who is prepared for a very physically demanding part. She has to be able to dance and front many numbers. Unlike the rest of the cast she has a large number of costume/wig changes. (Playing age 16-33)

Juan Perón
Ambitious military figure who is initially ousted from power and then elected President of Argentina in 1946 and creates a powerful government administration with Evita’s help. Must be strong actor and singer (Playing age 40s - 50) 

Our narrator, Che is the charismatic, passionate, hopeful yet cynical guide through the events of Evita’s life. As he narrates, he is present in many scenes, playing different “roles” to provide insight, criticism and commentary from a variety of perspectives.

Leading male role, a huge role, barely off the stage, needs to move well. (Playing age 20s - 30s)

Tango musician who is Evita’s first love interest. He is her “ticket” from small town life to the excitement and possibility of Buenos Aires. (Playing age 20s - 30s) Again, strong singer and actor. 

The Mistress
Juan Perón’s lover who Evita sends packing in order to take her place centre stage in Perón’s life.

Relatively small part. Only one song - Another Suitcase in another hall. Expected to really act this out and convey this. Strong actress, Eva’s lyrics suggest she’s very young. The mistress could also be in the ensemble. (Playing age 16-25)

Ensemble -  The People
The ensemble represents the variety of people of Argentina as Evita makes her rise to power and prestige, most dramatically as The Descamisados - “shirtless ones.”

The ensemble play a wide variety of parts - including the aristocracy, the military and government officials. They must be strong singers capable of holding a line who are able to move from marching to dancing. There are a number of smaller parts that will be assigned during rehearsals - you do not need to audition for a principal part if you want one of these roles.

There will be no fee for principal or ensemble auditions.  If you are successful you will be required to pay a membership fee of £20 which covers you for the year (including panto). This should be payable to Maureen Kenny ASAP. There is also a £2 fee every Sunday to cover the costs of the hall and refreshments. This should be payable to Gordon Fraser.

Ticket Sales
Tickets have been on sale since December and have been selling well. We would have an expectation that every cast member should sell £300tickets which works out as 25 of the cheapest band of tickets. Please don’ t stop at 25, we’ll keep you updated as to how the sales are going. Orders can be made to Susan B. Russell, Booking Manager by emailing susan@runwaytheatre.co.uk.  If you email/text/Facebook an order through to Susan please DO NOT hand in a paper form as your order will be duplicated. Once ordered tickets are non refundable and we would only accept tickets back in the event of a total sell out

Break a leg!