Evita - Company Announcement

Thank you to everyone who came along today to audition for EVITA. The standard was amazing and the panel was spoiled for choice. Regrettably we could not take everyone who auditioned, but congratulations to those who were successful.

The auditionees who were successful in their auditions for the EVITA Company are as follows:
Donna Louise Aitken (DANCER)
Alison C Bone
Emma Cluckie
Johnny Collins
Nicola Drummond (DANCER)
Anne Fraser
Ashleigh Fry (DANCER)
Colin Hyslop
Omo Iredia (DANCER)
Aileen Johnston
J Campbell Kerr
Lewis Kerr
Marie-Claire Leese
Christina Rose Leon (DANCER)
Claire Logue (DANCER)
Julie McCulloch (DANCER)
Liam McGrath
Kevin McGuire
Susan Thomson McMahon
Jeni Nichols (DANCER)
Kevin O'Dell
Will Pollock
Colby Reid
Kay Robertson (DANCER)
Lindsey Ross
Susan B Russell
Tom Russell
Andrew Scott (DANCER)
Jocelyn Skaaning
Donna Smith (DANCER)
Rebecca Speirs (DANCER)
Catherine Usher
Margaret Watt
Glynn Woods (DANCER)
Laura Shields-Wulf

Principal auditions will now take place on Thursday 12 February at 7.30pm. Audition pieces will be posted online soon and piano tracks will follow shortly. Good luck!