Your questions about joining us for Curtains!

As you may know, on Sunday 31st January, we'll be having an information session on our forthcoming production, Curtains. We've had lots of interest about this already and lots of questions. We thought it'd be helpful to share some of these with you. 

Question: Do you need to be a member of Runway Theatre Company to appear in Curtains?
: Yes for a number of reasons (including legal/insurance cover)  you would need to join the club.

Question: How do I join Runway Theatre Company?
:  We will be holding club auditions which usually involve singing a song of your own choosing and depending on the show sometimes this involves some basic movement. Full details for the forthcoming auditions will be announced following the information session.

Question: I'm unable to make the information session/auditions/rehearsals. What can I do? 
Answer: Please let us know if you can't make the information session/auditions. We'll do our best to pass on as much information as possible and arrange an alternative audition date if required.

We do expect our company to come to every rehearsal they are called to however we know there are sometimes special circumstances. We want to put the very best show on that we can and regular attendance at rehearsals ensure this to be fair to our cast, crew and audience. Before you audition we'll ask for any dates that you are unable to commit to and take it from there. 

Question: Does it cost anything to join Runway Theatre Company?
Answer: Yes. Like most amateur theatre clubs we do have a modest membership fee (£20 for adults). Recently on top of this we have had an additional weekly (£2) rehearsal fee (to cover the costs of our rehearsal space, as well as refreshments). From 2016, we will be increasing our membership fee to include this weekly fee which will be more convenient for members and easier for us to collect. We will be announcing this revised membership fee in due course. 

Question: How old do I need to be to join Runway Theatre Company?
For legal and insurance reasons you must be aged 16 or over. Occasionally if our shows require it, we invite under 16's to join us with appropriate child protection arrangements - such as chaperones in place. If you're not old enough to join us yet, why not speak to Minerva Youth Theatre who we have a close relationship with.

Question: Do you have an upper age limit?
Answer: We don't. As long as you're able to sing, dance or act, we welcome all members of the community. 

Question: Do members get paid to perform?
Answer:  We are an amateur club and all of the money we make is used to pay for our productions, anything left over is reinvested into the club for future productions. 

Question: When do you rehearse? 
:  This very much depends on your part. Once rehearsals kick off, we'll issue our full rehearsal schedule. Generally we rehearse on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons.

Question: Where do you rehearse? 
:  Our usual rehearsal venue is Clincarthill Parish Church in Mount Florida, very near Hampden Stadium. The Church is directly opposite from the Clockwork Beer Company .You can get frequent trains to Mount Florida from Glasgow Central Station and there are many busses that pass by too. 

Question: I can't sing for the life of me, I've got two left feet and my acting is dreadful - is there other things I can do to help?
Answer: Absolutely. We're always looking for support with a number of activities including helping out backstage, helping out with our front of house team (selling programmes/raffle tickets) and a whole host of other jobs.  Drop us an email if this is you!

If you've got a burning question for us that hasn't been answered please comment below or send us an email or Facebook message!