Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical : Cast Announcement

The Runway Production Team would like to thank all those who attended the workshops and principal auditions for Priscilla Queen of the Desert. The standard was extremely high, and the Panel took some time to consider the Principal and Dancer / Ensemble cast. Regrettably we could not take everyone who auditioned, and we offer commiserations to those who have been unsuccessful on this occasion.

TICK / MITZI - Antony Carter
BERNADETTE - Craig Glover
ADAM / FELICIA - Greg Robertson

BOB - Bob McDevitt
DIVAS - Catherine McKenzie, Heather Lennon, Lindsey Ross
CYNTHIA - Susan Thompson McMahon
MARION - Laura Wallace
MISS UNDERSTANDING -  Blair Cruikshank.
JIMMY - Graeme Mackay
FARRAH - Stuart McMaster

SHIRLEY - Susan B Russell
FRANK - Tom Russell

BENJI - Finlay Thompson (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday Matinee)
BENJI - Kai Kerr (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday Evening)

Justin Beck, Robin Cameron, Jordan Findlay, Ashleigh Fry, Eilidh Gough, Adam Hyslop, Mark Hyslop, Claire Logue, Graeme Mackay, Julie McCulloch, Susan Thompson McMahon, Ian McLean, Stuart McMaster, Nicola Mkangama, Catherine Anne Ross, Pamela Ross, Holly Steel, Faye Tester, Laura Wallace.

Following the Principal auditions, the Panel was unable to cast the role of Adam/ Felicia and after further auditions were held, we asked our Choreographer, Greg Robertson to audition for this role. Following his audition today, the Panel are delighted to announce that he will play the role of Adam/ Felicia. In view of his double commitment, the Panel have agreed that two Dance Assistants will be appointed to assist Greg at rehearsals. 

Congratulations to all who were successful, and the Production Team look forward to working with you on this fabulous show!

Updated 04/02/2017