Walter Paul praises Priscilla


Theatre critic and producer Walter Paul attended the opening night of our production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical.

An opening night which any professional company would give their eye-teeth for - no build up, no ifs or buts, no suggestions - this is one of the most professional, ingenious, and infectious musicals that has ever been presented in Eastwood Park Theatre. And this is Runway's 50th Anniversary Production!!!!! How proud the company and all its former members must be, be they still with us or long gone to the theatrical flies in the skies.

The energy, enthusiasm, the  fabulous sets and costumes, the total cast, the choreography, the lighting - and of course Robert Fyfe's superbly controlled production - everything combines to prevent so-called critics like me talking garbage, and instead concentrating on telling everyone, onstage or in the audience, how utterly stupendous this show is.

The three principals Antony Carter (the very best I have ever seen this talented performer onstage), Craig Glover (whose timing, character, and comedy are all sublime), and Greg Robertson (sexy, energy-fuelled, and the incredible choreographer for the whole production) work together as if this is the third month of a West End production; Bob McDevitt (Bob), the three musical Divas (looking superb in their wonderful kitsch costumes and with the most powerful of voices), Susie Thompson McMahon (Cynthia), the amazing Finlay Thompson (as the son Benji with both an amazing voice and an amazing stage presence), and Susan B. Russell (a Shirley who has to be seen and heard to be believed!), along with the full cast and company, make this show a truly inspirational experience.

David R. Dunlop is the MD of the hidden band, and conducts and controls the entire musical side of the show from start to finish with professionalism and a sound knowledge of such a fast-paced musical. Robert - congratulations to you and Runway for choosing this show and company for your 50th Anniversary production - and with your guidance and the wide talent available, you start the Company's next 50 years with 100% commitment to the future.

Thank you all.