Betty Blue Eyes Cast Announced (Updated)

The Runway Production Team would like to thank all those who attended the workshops and principal auditions for Betty Blue Eyes. As ever our production team had an incredibly difficult task of putting together the cast given such a high standard of auditionees.  

Congratulations to our cast who are as follows; 

Gilbert Chilvers - Ross Nicol
Joyce Chilvers - Catherine McKenzie
Mother Dear - Merlyn Soutar
Dr James Swaby - Bob McDevitt
Henry Allardyce - J Campbell Kerr
Francis Lockwood - Tom Russell
Mr Wormold - Alasdair Hawthorn
Mrs Allardyce - Aileen Johnston
Veronica Allardyce - Hannah Stewart
Sergeant Noble - Kevin McGuire
Sutcliffe - Ken Christie
Metcalf - Andrew Cheek
Mrs Metcalf - Amanda Millar
Betty’s Handler- Holly Steel
Mrs Roach - Liz Shearer
Mrs Lester - Hazel Tazar
Mrs Turnbull - Anne Fraser
Barraclough - Kevin O’Dell
Mrs Lockwood - Anne Fraser
Kitt - Claire Logue
Nuttall - Andrew Cheek
Cunliffe - Ken Christie
Princess Elizabeth - Hannah Stewart
Prince Philip - Antony Carter
Billy Carroll’s Trio - Kaye Robertson, Megan Watt, Natalie Cavoura

Townspeople of Shepardsford:
Stuart McCue Dick, Ashleigh Fry, Robin James, Maureen Kenny, Susan Kernohan, Marie-Claire Leese, Susan B Russell, Tom Russell, Lynn Robertson, Margaret Watt