Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood Cast Announcment

Earlier this evening auditions were held for principal roles in our forthcoming pantomime, Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood. Our panel were impressed at the high standard of auditionees and it is with great pleasure that we announce our cast for this years pantomime.  

Robin Hood - Antony Carter
Maid Marian - Joanne Mcminn
Jack - Ian Mclean
Jill - Megan Pattie
Nurse Bedpan - Will Pollock
Fairy Bluebell - Holly Steel
Sheriff Of Nottingham - Iain G Condie
Child Catcher - Susie McMahon
Teanie - Marianne Gunn
Beanie - Graeme Mackay
Ringmaster - Lewis Kerr
Town Crier - Neal Maccowan
Sam - Peter Mckenna-Boyd
Dopey Dan - Jim Murray
Sadie - Cat Ross
Swot - Natalie Cavoura
Stranger - Neal Maccowan

Kirsty Barrett, Ashleigh Fry, Pamela Johnstone, Nicola Mkangama, Paula Mccall, Paula Neilson, Catherine Anne Ross, Pamela Ross, Robin Cameron, Lewis Kerr

Chorus Of Villagers:
Erin Bond, Natalie Cavoura, Peter McKenna-Boyd, Debbie Fairman, Valerie Goff, Neal Maccowan, Amanda Mcnamara, Catherine Mackenzie, Dav Mckenzie, Claire Mcaulay, Jim Murray, Kirsten Russell.

We'd also like to say a big thanks to Anne Houston and Aileen Johnston who assisted with the auditions.